A Flagship journey with Jake Sarachek on developing an Ole Miss documentary

New York-based filmmaker Jake Sarachek set out last fall to do a documentary about Ole Miss football and the community of Oxford. But he got much more than he bargained for. On this episode of “The Flagship”, presented by College Corner, he tells how it all began and what he has on deck for this season.

From the Upper East Side of New York City, Sarachek grew up attending New York Giants games. From there, a passion for college football was born. It was here when the young filmmaker sensed the camaraderie and passion behind the sport and was drawn to it. And his project became much more than just what was on the field. Then, it led him to Ole Miss and where he is today.

Courtesy LSU

On this Wednesday episode, he tells where the inspiration for the Ole Miss documentary came from, who all he has met along the way and what he and his team have in store for Ole Miss fans this fall. Tune in for his story on calling a production audible, meeting Ole Miss athletic director Keith Carter and what his initial thoughts of Oxford were when he arrived on site.

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