‘A step too far’: residents oppose hundreds more homes on Green Belt land

A developer wants a site for 300 houses just north of The Moors in Kidlington taken out of Green Belt for housing under Cherwell District Council’s Local Plan.

Residents have expressed growing concerns over the quantity of proposed developments on the Green Belt and fear the so-called ‘Kidlington gap,’ which separates Oxford from the village will be lost.

Conservative-led Cherwell District Council plans to build 4,400 homes by 2031 – with hundreds on greenfield sites close to Oxford and on the North Oxford Golf Club.

Conservative parliamentary candidate for the new Bicester and Woodstock constituency Rupert Harrison said: “Kidlington is already absorbing a huge amount of new development on green belt land to the west and south of the village where more than 4,000 houses are planned.

“This new site for another 300 houses to the north feels like a step too far. 

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“This is green belt land right next to a nature conservation area, and people from the whole area come here to walk and enjoy the beautiful countryside. 

He added: “The draft local plan is still at the consultation stage so there is plenty of time to revise it.

“I’ll be working with local residents to campaign for that, and for the land to be designated as a Local Green Space. 

“The push for housing growth in Kidlington and the surrounding area underscores the need for careful consideration and community consultation in the planning process.” 

Alan Lodwick of Kidlington Development Watch (KDW) said they submitted a Local Green Space proposal as part of the Local Plan process to protect the Church Street Conservation Area and the 800-year-old church.

He said the group is pleased that Mr Harrison supports their view that this land should be protected. 

He said: “We also discussed with Mr Harrison Cherwell District Council’s exaggeration of its housing ‘need’ figures. 

“This is relevant because Cherwell actually needs to build far fewer houses than it is claiming.”

He said the first draft ‘options’ plan said that there would be no Green Belt boundary changes to allow for housing. 

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“Yet in the most recent draft the council is now proposing to revise the boundaries, even though there was a comprehensive review only three years ago. 

“Many local people feel very let down by the actions of the council and would agree that this further Green Belt development is a step too far. 

“We feel, and Mr Harrison agreed, that there needs to be a period of consolidation in the area because none of the 4,400 houses which have already been allocated to Kidlington have even been built yet.” 

Cherwell District Council was contacted.

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