Artist’s latest mural inspired by active Oxford residents

By Galya Dimitrova,BBC News

Boundary Brook Community Projects  The finished wallBoundary Brook Community Projects

The artist says she took inspiration from the active lifestyles of local residents

A mural featuring people skateboarding, rollerblading and a scootering dog, is the latest street artwork to give a city neighbourhood a “facelift”.

Artist Lisa Curtis, aka Lisa Made It, took inspiration from the active lifestyles of residents in Oxford.

The artwork was unveiled alongside the Your Co-op Food store on Iffley Road, in Oxford.

The food retail chain partnered on the project with Boundary Brook Community Projects.

Boundary Brook Community Projects  Artist, volunteer and shop staffBoundary Brook Community Projects

Store manager Haidar-Ali Bokhari (second right) said the mural by Ms Curtis (left) had brought a “sense of community pride”

The mural was created over five days and was first shown to the public last week.

Ms Curtis’ latest street artwork “has taken inspiration from the active lifestyles of residents in the area” and has given “the East Oxford area a facelift”, said Your Co-op Food in a statement.

Haidar-Ali Bokhari, manager of the Iffley Road store, said it brought “Lisa’s signature bright colours and fun, as well as a sense of community pride”.

He said: “We hope it will bring a smile to our customers faces and inspire budding artists in the area every time they pay us a visit.”

Boundary Brook Community Projects volunteer Dawn Weller said the mural had been “very well received” by local residents who felt it “represents the uniqueness of our area”.

Volunteers planted flowers alongside another mural created by Ms Curtis in walkway between Howard Street and Boundary Brook Road, renamed Flower Lane.

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