Aunt Sally season gets underway as Premier holders crash to defeat

Jeff Glenister was in terrific form, clanging off 15 dolls (5-5-5) while teammate Ray Grant chipped in with a dozen dolls (3-5-4) for North Leigh as they won all three legs 26-22, 27-23, 31-22.

Gladiator Club had a worthy 3-0 win at Littlemore British Legion. Kevin Giles led the way with 14 dolls (4-5-5). Top doll scorer from last season, Kevin Baker, assisted with a dozen dolls (4-4-4) as Gladiators set and won all three legs 26-22, 29-26, 28-22. Kevin Stuart top-scored for the Legion with a baker’s dozen (4-5-4), while Mark Bayliss (Legion) and Scott Thompson (Gladiators) both hit a six.

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John Brown was in sensational form as he whipped off 15 dolls (4-5-6) for Black Horse ‘A’ in their 2-1 home win against The Swan. Black Horse took an early lead in the first leg 17-15, with The Swan hitting straight back in the second leg 23-19. Black Horse won the final leg 23-15.

Only one doll separated Garsington Sports Club and Yarnton British Legion in a close contest. Garsington set and won the opening leg by the odd doll 19-18. Yarnton levelled in the next leg 17-14. In the final and deciding leg, Garsington set and won 18-15.

In Section Two, Masons Arms hit the top leg score of the night when they hit an impressive 30 dolls in their home clash with Duke of Monmouth. Masons won all three legs 25-12, 20-19, 21-15.

Catherine Wheel ‘C’ got off to the perfect start when they visited The Blackbird and whitewashed them 3-0. Josh Breakspear was top dog with 13 dolls (5-4-4) in the Wheels’ comfortable leg scores of 20-11, 23-18, 20-12.

It was a long night at Vikings Sports against Bletchington Sports when the last two legs went to three sticks. A very tight game saw Vikings take the first leg 18-16. Vikings then set 15 in the second leg and in return, Bletchington matched it with anchorman Walter Harwood whipping off four dolls to tie the leg, however it was all in vain as Vikings won the leg on three sticks. Vikings then set the last leg with 16 and again in return, Harwood hit four dolls to tie the leg, however once again Vikings won the leg on three sticks to give them the maximum win. Harwood top-scored on the night with 13 dolls (5-4-4).

SIXERS: J Brown (Black Horse ‘A’), M Ruffels (Garsington Sports), S Thompson (Gladiators), M Bayliss (Littlemore British Legion).

BLOBBERS: S Pitson (Catherine Wheel B), D Macer (Donnington Club), D Nelms (New Club B), L Percivil (Six Bells B).

TOP DOLL SCORERS: 15: G Glenister (North Leigh FC), J Brown (Black Horse ‘A’); 14: K Giles (Gladiators); 13: K Stuart (Littlemore British Legion), W Harwood (Bletchington Sports), J Morrison (New Club ‘A’), S McAteer (White House), J Breakspear (Catherine Wheel ‘C’).

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