Blackbird Leys football club receives life-saving device

Oxford Blackbirds is now the owner of the life-saving equipment thanks to Jackson and Browning Independent Funeral Services.

The company, led by Lee Jackson, has built a strong relationship with the club, sponsoring their disability football sessions and various teams across the club.

Mr Jackson is also the founder of the Kelly Jackson Memorial Fund, a charity formed in memory of his late sister, which sponsors the club’s disability football sessions.

Blackbirds chairman, Stuart Parsons, said: “Lee is an extremely generous man, who is continuously giving to local sports clubs and players.

“For a guy that doesn’t even like football he has given a lot so that kids involved at our club can play the game they love.”

Oxford Mail: Stuart Parsons Stuart Parsons (Image: Lucy Ford)

Mr Parsons added: “We had a cardiac arrest on the side lines in recent years and had to get the defibrillator from the Leisure Centre, which resulted in saving the visiting team’s spectator’s life.

“As a club this is great to have, and while we are extremely grateful to Lee and his company for getting this for us I hope we never have to use it.”

The defibrillator will be stored in the club’s tuck shop, ready for use during matches and training sessions.

Besides Oxford Blackbirds, Jackson & Browning Funeral Services also supports other teams and young individuals in various sports across Oxfordshire.

Faringdon Town, Leys United, Rose Hill Youth and Oxford Speedway are some who have benefited from their sponsorship.

Mr Jackson said: “We are proud to support the local communities one being Oxford Blackbirds, who we have great pleasure with attending their games and always feeling welcome.

“I love working with families and caring for their loved ones, it’s very rewarding. If I can enjoy my job every day, I believe everyone should do something that they enjoy.”

Oxford Blackbirds has expressed immense gratitude to Jackson & Browning for their support.

The club’s disability team secretary, Kirsty Greenough, said: “We can’t thank Jackson & Browning enough for what they do for our club, the defibrillator will make us all feel that if anything did happen, we can act very quickly in an emergency and save lives, if necessary.

“Lee’s a local man going above and beyond for all of these children to enjoy their football and he helps numerous teams. We are all truly grateful at Oxford Blackbirds, we have a local hero living in our community.”

The club also offers plenty of advertising opportunities for local businesses and prospective sponsors.

Those interested in supporting the club are encouraged to get in touch via email at

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