Business owners upset as ‘dystopian’ cameras introduced at LTNs

The enforcement cameras will be added to six low-traffic neighbourhood closure points in the city.

These automatic number plate recognition cameras will enforce traffic restrictions while giving access to emergency services vehicles.

Bollards will be replaced with cameras at six locations, with planters retained at either side of the restriction.

Oxford Mail: The Littlemore Road LTN was made permanent in July 2022.The Littlemore Road LTN was made permanent in July 2022. (Image: Newsquest)

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These include the LTNs at Crescent Road, Littlehay Road and Littlemore Road in Cowley as well as the East Oxford LTNs at Divinity Road, James Street and Magdalen Road.

Emergency, waste, and postal service vehicles will be exempt, as will taxi and private hire vehicles while so will buses at Littlemore Road.

The changes have not been accepted by everyone though, with business owners in Cowley left unhappy.

Michael Dillberto runs Giuseppe’s Barber Shop on Gaisford Road, which intersects directly with the Littlemore Road LTN.

Oxford Mail: Giuseppe’s Barber Shop on Gaisford Road in Cowley.Giuseppe’s Barber Shop on Gaisford Road in Cowley. (Image: Newsquest)

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“It’s just not ideal as I agree with them in certain areas such as near schools but certain roads like this one are important roads,” he said.

“People have to use more fuel and it makes life more awkward when they should have put a speed camera up there instead.

“I’ve been here 30 years and lots of my customers have continued to come here luckily, but I have lost some passing trade because of LTNs.

“They are adamant they had consultations beforehand, but even as a business owner nearby I wasn’t notified or asked.”

Oxford Mail: The LTN on Littlemore Road.The LTN on Littlemore Road. (Image: Newsquest)

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Business owners are not alone in their disdain as some councillors have also disproved of the latest change.

Cllr Liam Walker, shadow cabinet member for transport management at Oxfordshire County Council, has described the cameras as “dystopian”.

“These cameras are just another dystopian way for the anti-motorist coalition at the county council to hammer motorists with more fines and control where people can and cannot go,” he said.

“The council are now making hundreds of thousands a year through bus gate cameras and parking charges.

“Let’s not forget they’re planning to expand the zero emissions zone, implement a workplace charging levy hammering those businesses with parking spaces, and implement their controversial bus gates plans.

Oxford Mail: Cameras are to be installed at the LTNs (file photo).Cameras are to be installed at the LTNs (file photo).

“All of these measures are making Oxford a no-go area for many in Oxfordshire who sadly no longer go into the city.”

ANPR cameras are triggered by vehicles passing through restricted areas and record only the license plate details of those vehicles.

When the cameras are turned on, private motor vehicles will not be permitted to drive through and will receive a penalty fine if they do.

Oxfordshire County Council say that work will start soon in installing the cameras with them operational from the week beginning Monday, April 29.

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