Can a ‘Really Big Step’ From Jaxson Dart Make Him an Elite NFL Prospect?

Ole Miss Rebels quarterback Jaxson Dart is focused on a strong finish to his college career, but what will happen once he wears the red and blue for the last time in Oxford? Can he become a strong NFL Draft prospect?

Recently, the NFL Stock Exchange podcast discussed Dart’s capabilities as an NFL product, and while he has some upside, hosts Trevor Sikkema and Connor Rogers believe there is some room for improvement in his professional future, thanks in part to his offensive system.

“I think Jaxson Dart is a really nice prospect,” Sikkema said. “I’m really curious to see how he develops. Former four-star quarterback, somebody who was Gatorade Football Player of the Year, also was an All-State baseball player as a third baseman. He’s got positional versatility to him.”

Sikkema believes that Dart has a lot of strengths, such as being a natural athlete, having an “adequate” arm and a willingness to step up into the pocket, but the offensive system run by Lane Kiffin and Charlie Weis Jr. doesn’t always translate well to the NFL, in his mind.

“That’s really tough as an eval when you have a player who comes from that system that is very read-friendly,” Sikkema said. “You’re not really going through progressions, reading the whole field of the defense. Sure, your numbers might be efficient … but what are you as a quarterback?”

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Rogers echoed Sikkema’s sentiments, but the duo included Dart in their Top 10 2025 quarterbacks in this edition of the show. Dart was listed at No. 7 in Rogers’ list and No. 8 in Sikkema’s pecking order.

“I’m with you. I like the arm,” Rogers said. “He has no fear of getting rocked, but he also takes some really bad sacks. Sometimes he’ll stare too long. I think he’s somebody that can really take a big step this year, but there’s some key things there to watch.”

So, perhaps Jaxson Dart has some areas he needs to work on, in the minds of NFL scouts and draft analysts. Being able to read a defense in the fast-flying NFL goes a long way, and not holding onto the ball too long is another key factor.

For now, Dart’s primary goal is getting Ole Miss to the College Football Playoff, but after the season, his focus will turn to the NFL. The improvements he makes between now and then could pay dividends in his pocket book come April.

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