Community Embraces Dance Fitness at Oxford’s Bynum Community Center – Calhoun Journal

Oxford, AL – In the heart of Oxford, Alabama, residents are lacing up their dancing shoes and hitting the floor at the Bynum Community Center for an energetic workout experience known as Oxford Dance Fitness. Led by instructor Rachael Cramer, these sessions are turning heads and raising heart rates as participants groove to the beat while breaking a sweat.

Oxford Dance Fitness is not your typical workout routine; it’s a fusion of fitness moves and dance choreography set to the rhythm of upbeat music. Described as a medium to high-intensity aerobic workout, each session is carefully crafted to deliver a blend of cardio and toning exercises. The music guides participants through various tracks, providing intervals of intensity to maximize calorie burn.

Cramer, who leads the classes, emphasizes the community aspect of Oxford Dance Fitness. “At Cray-Fit, we work together, we sweat together, we tone together, but most importantly, we have fun together,” she says. “Whether you’re a mom just needing that hour of fun with other moms, or you’re looking to lose weight or tone those problem areas, dance fitness is for you!”

One of the most appealing aspects of Oxford Dance Fitness is its accessibility. No prior experience is required, making it an inclusive activity for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps onto the dance floor, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

Participants can attend classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, with each session priced at $3 or a monthly rate of $25, ensuring that fitness remains affordable and accessible to all. For those interested in joining the dance fitness community, Instructor Rachael Cramer can be reached at 256-473-3563.

With its dynamic workouts, vibrant atmosphere, and welcoming community spirit, Oxford Dance Fitness at the Bynum Community Center is not just about breaking a sweat—it’s about embracing wellness, camaraderie, and the joy of movement. So grab your dancing shoes, and let’s dance our way to fitness!


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