Council prepares to install enforcement cameras within six low traffic neighbourhoods

Work to install enforcement cameras at six low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) closure points in Oxford will start soon, with the cameras going live from the end of April. 

The automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras will enforce LTN traffic restrictions while improving access for emergency services and other essential vehicles. Emergency, waste, and postal service vehicles will be exempt, as will taxi and private hire vehicles. Buses will also be exempt at the Littlemore Road point. 

Bollards will be replaced with cameras at six locations, with planters retained (wherever possible) either side of the restriction: 

• Cowley LTNs: Crescent Road, Littlehay Road and Littlemore Road 
• East Oxford LTNs: Divinity Road, James Street and Magdalen Road. 

Appropriate signage will be installed warning motorists of the cameras. 

Bill Cotton, Oxfordshire County Council’s Corporate Director for Environment and Place, said: “LTNs make residential streets safer and more comfortable for walking, wheeling and cycling. The decision to replace six closure points with ANPR cameras follows public consultations and close engagement with the emergency services. 

“ANPR cameras will allow emergency service and other essential vehicles to travel through these six points. During unexpected incidents we may also have more flexibility to arrange traffic diversions. 

“LTNs are designed to work with other measures, like our trial traffic filters, to reduce the need to travel by car and improve journeys made by walking, cycling and public transport. We will continue to monitor the LTN areas and will review the need for ANPR cameras and exemptions when we trial the traffic filters from this autumn.” 

Subject to successful installation and testing, camera enforcement will be operational from the week beginning 29 April. 

ANPR cameras are triggered by vehicles passing through restricted areas and record only the license plate details of those vehicles. 

When the cameras are turned on, private motor vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds, will not be permitted to drive through the six points without an exemption and will receive a penalty charge notice (fine) if they do. 

The cameras will operate continuously, but in the event of an emergency incident they can be turned off to facilitate traffic diversions.

Notes for editors 

An LTN is an area where motorised traffic is prevented from taking shortcuts through a residential area. Through-traffic may be restricted by physical closures such as bollards and planters or by automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras. 

There are three low traffic neighbourhoods in Cowley, located in the Temple Cowley, Church Cowley, and Florence Park areas. There are also three LTNs in east Oxford in the Divinity Road, St Clement’s, and St Mary’s areas. Read more about them on the county council’s website 

Following 18 month trials in both areas, the Cowley LTNs were made permanent in July 2022 and the east Oxford LTNs in October 2023. The council made the decision to add cameras to six closure points after engaging for six weeks in spring 2023 (Cowley) and summer 2023 (east Oxford) on the detail of the planned enforcement. 

Exemptions apply to: 
• emergency services 
• waste and postal vehicles 
• taxi and private hire vehicles. 

Buses with routes along Littlemore Road will also be exempt. 

Taxis and private hire vehicles are considered part of the public transport network in Oxfordshire as per the Local Transport and Connectivity Plan. 

More information about parking enforcement can be found on the county council’s website 

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