Emma Watson Confirms New Romance With Oxford Classmate Kieran Brown

Emma Watson was recently seen enjoying a romantic outing with her new boyfriend, Kieran Brown. The couple was spotted at Gail’s Bakery in Jericho, Oxford, on July 1, both wearing matching light blue button-up shirts. The sweet moment included a kiss, signaling a new chapter in the actress’s life.

The Harry Potter star is currently pursuing her master’s degree in literature at Oxford University. Her new beau, Kieran, is also a student at Oxford, working towards a PhD in 19th-century literature and economics.

Emma’s Previous Relationships

Before Kieran, Emma was linked to Brandon Green, the son of British fashion tycoon Sir Philip Green. The pair started dating in September 2021 and were last seen on a romantic vacation in Italy in August 2022. Their relationship ended sometime later, leading Emma to focus more on her personal growth and studies. Despite her high-profile relationships, Emma has always kept a relatively low profile when it comes to her personal life. Her choice to date someone from her academic environment shows her desire for a connection based on mutual interests and intellectual pursuits.

Focusing on Education

Emma Watson Confirms New Romance With Oxford Classmate Kieran Brown

Emma has taken a step back from acting to focus on her studies at Oxford. In a recent interview with British Vogue, she expressed how stepping away from the limelight has given her a sense of autonomy and creative space. “I’m just so glad that I did,” she shared, emphasizing the importance of having her own voice. Her decision to prioritize education over her acting career has been met with admiration from fans and peers alike. Emma’s dedication to her studies highlights her commitment to personal growth and lifelong learning.

Navigating Public Life


Growing up in the public eye has not been easy for Emma. She admitted that having a “front row seat” to fame has taught her valuable lessons about happiness and success. “There’s absolutely no level of success that will make you happy or content if you do not like who you are,” she said in her interview. Emma’s insights reflect the pressures of celebrity life and the importance of self-acceptance. Her candidness about her struggles offers inspiration to others facing similar challenges.

Future Prospects

As Emma continues her studies, she remains open to new possibilities and experiences. She appreciates the freedom to explore different paths without the pressure of knowing exactly what comes next. Emphasizing the value of uncertainty, she remarked:

“I’m so glad that I allowed things to be messy for a minute”

Emma’s journey at Oxford is just one chapter in her multifaceted life. Whether she returns to acting or pursues a different career, her fans will undoubtedly support her choices and celebrate her successes. Emma Watson’s new romance with Kieran Brown marks an exciting time in her life. Balancing love, education, and personal growth, she continues to inspire with her resilience and authenticity. As she navigates this new chapter, her fans eagerly watch to see what the future holds for this remarkable actress and scholar.


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