Exercise classes in Hinksey Park to target remote workers

Maddy Biddulph, who runs Maddy Biddulph Personal Training, is launching two weekly outdoor exercise sessions.

These classes, named ‘Circuits Club’, will commence on Monday, April 15 from 12.30-1.15pm, and will take place every Monday and Wednesday during school terms.

Ms Biddulph said: “Studies into the neurological effects of ‘green exercise’ – physical activity done in nature – found that it can improve memory, focus and mood more than an indoor workout.

“Exercising outside is not only great for physical health; it can boost mental wellbeing, motivation and happiness, and reduce stress levels and anxiety.

“I love an outdoor workout, and wanted to create this bi-weekly lunchtime class to encourage desk workers and people at home to take a break, move their bodies and get some fresh air at the same time.”

Endorsed by Oxford City Council, these classes are part of a drive to make the council’s spaces more available for organisations to promote active lifestyles.

In addition to her newest offering, Ms Biddulph runs a free seated exercise class at Waste2Taste’s community cafe every Thursday at 10.30am and an indoor Circuits Club on Fridays during term at South Oxford Community Centre.

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