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As the sun rose at the opulent Oxford Golf Resort in Pune, on March 17th, 2024, one could witness a diverse assembly of golf enthusiasts, corporate luminaries, and professionals. At this luxurious, breathtaking venue, business leaders donned their golfing caps for a final passionate contest at the greens to emerge triumphant at the HSBC Golf League 2024.A resilient chapter in Indian golf was ready to unfold at the visually stunning venue of Oxford Golf Resort, where economic torchbearers of the country were ready to walk beside pro golfers to inspire the world of sports. The ambiance was already at pace to blend golf prowess with camaraderie, echoing the league’s commitment to excellence and inclusivity.
An Exclusive Congregation of Leaders
As the clock struck 10:00 am, the pristine Oxford Golf Resort witnessed a gathering of professional golfers and enthusiastic participants, many with their dear spouses, eager to clash for the final golf battle filled with anticipation and sporting camaraderie.
Thrilling excitement was displayed with the dextrous hands of leaders to register and set up their golfing gear. The lukewarm air of Pune had already set the stage for a day of golfing brilliance, uniting golfing professionals and industry leaders. Sparks of laughter and corporate friendship were already being celebrated over an energizing cup of coffee and a nourishing breakfast.
The legendary cricketer and avid golfer, Kapil Dev, graced the course at the final round of the HSBC Golf League 2024. He extended his gratitude to HSBC officials for gifting him the mesmerizing golfing experience at the regional and the grand finale of the HSBC Golf League.
The final clash of clubs at Oxford Golf Resort was adorned by the presence of the top HSBC India leaders, who made the premium tournament of the HSBC Golf League a thrilling success.Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024Ranganath Ananth (Head – Distribution, Wealth & Personal Banking India), being a golfing enthusiast himself, expressed his pleasure in the opportunity to play at the scenic Oxford Golf Resort in Pune. He provided insight into how HSBC and golf have been integrated for a long time, and HSBC is also present in PGAs and LPGAs across the globe. On behalf of HSBC, Ranganath Ananth promised the organization’s commitment and steady investments for the growth of the HSBC Golf League.Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024Anil Seolekar, Chairman of Oxford Group and Oxford Golf Resort, was also part of the grand finale and shared the golfing finesse with the other leaders, most of whom already shared a prior kinship. At the event, Anil Seolekar thanked HSBC for always patronizing Oxford, he additionally mentioned how Oxford Golf Resort, being an international golf course, always welcomes HSBC as one of the best international banks in the world.Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024Imran Baig, CEO & Founder of Imaging Solutions Private Limited, one of the prestigious participants, exclaimed how HSBC has been exceptionally supporting sports in India for several decades, along with its newfound association with golf. He mentioned that HSBC brings professionalism to the game of finance, and this trait is reflected in the game of golf, as it requires profound discipline and dedication. Imran Baig also congratulated HSBC on organizing the fantastic HSBC Golf League for Season 2, along with Forbes – the exclusive media partner.Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024Nitesh Shindey (Handicap Category 0-12 Winner) was absolutely thrilled to win at the grand finale of the HSBC Golf League. He shared it was his first season of competing at this league and he qualified through the regional round held in Mumbai. Nitesh passionately mentioned that his consistency, perseverance and regulatory shots at the greens helped him achieve success at the electrifying grand finale of the HSBC Golf League.Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024Jagadish Jangid (Handicap Category 19-24 Winner) experienced a wonderful feeling of success upon grabbing the final win of the HSBC Golf League – Season 2. He further emphasized the great opportunities bestowed upon him to play among all the talented participants across the country. Jagadish Jangid also mentioned that he is looking forward to Season 3 and hopes to build a long-term relationship with HSBC.Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024Puttaraj B.N. (Handicap Category 13-18 Winner) shared how it was an expected win for him at the grand finale of the HSBC Golf League. Talking about his game, Puttaraj mentioned that all the participants at the grand finale were strongly skilled and until the 9th hole, he was around the 7th position, but from there, the game seemed to turn around in his favor. Lastly, he extended his gratitude towards HSBC for organizing such a fantastic league across multiple cities, and he continues to anticipate participating in the next season.Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024Keerthana Rajeev (Best Gross Winner) was grateful to be recognized for her talent at the amazing golf course of Oxford Golf Resort. Keerthana mentioned that she qualified for the grand finale through the Bangalore regional round of the HSBC Golf League and felt lucky to have experienced the grand finale at Pune. Keerthana shared with everyone that she is looking forward to taking golf as a profession and not just a fostered hobby.Swing for Success at the HSBC Golf League FinaleGolfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024With the sun at its zenith, the final round officially began with the ceremonial tee-off. The greens witnessed a blend of youthful exuberance and veteran finesse as golfers teed off, symbolizing the initiation of a unique sporting day.Pro players were surprised by the dedication and talent honed by the industry leaders over the years. From specialized posture to patience until the final putt, participants remained committed to snatching the ultimate victory, unbothered by course hurdles.Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024The tournament got more competitive as the day progressed, players experimented with rare strategies and combined clubs for bunker shots. All eyes were on the prize to be crowned as winners of HSBC Golf League Season 2.Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024Toasting Triumphs and Creating Lasting MemoriesGolfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024As the shadows grew longer, the day culminated in a spectacular prize distribution ceremony. Veteran Kapil Dev, representing HSBC India, presented the accolades to the winners in the form of goodies, trophies and other prizes. Amidst the pool of 580 competitive participants, 4 prestigious winners were crowned in individual categories at the HSBC Golf League 2024.Alongside the legend Kapil Dev, the leaders who made the ceremony star-studded from the Wealth & Personal Banking division, HSBC India include Ranganath Ananth (Head of Distribution), Nitin Mathur (Head of Customer Propositions), Nishtha Chawla (Director & Regional Head- North & East) and Shubham Golash (Director & Regional Head- West).
The other thought leaders gracing the stage were Ayshwarya Desikan (Director & Regional Head- South, HSBC India), Arkaprava Ray (Head-Marketing Strategy, Brand Partnerships, IP & Sponsorships, HSBC India), Girish Nilekar (Head-Segments Marketing) and Dhaval Parikh (Director and Regional Head, West, Global Private Banking, HSBC India).Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024In his prize party address, Kapil Dev congratulated HSBC India on uplifting the excellent sport of golf, while many other organizations are only associated with cricket. The legend further highlights how golfers need to go through the same amount of diligence as cricketers, but they often don’t receive recognition or rewards for their efforts. He concluded his note by confessing his faith for the next HSBC Golf League Season 3 to be much bigger and enticing.The ecstatic winners of the HSBC Golf League Season 2 included Nitesh Shindey (Handicap Category 0-12 Winner), Puttaraj B.N. (Handicap Category 13-18 Winner), Jagadish Jangid (Handicap Category 19-24 Winner) and Keerthana Rajeev (Best Gross Winner).Golfing glory: Celebratory highlights from the HSBC Golf League Grand Finale 2024The evening continued with cocktails and a sumptuous dinner, where industry leaders engaged in admirable discussions on professional and personal landscapes. An exclusive ramp walk by former Miss India and Miss World runner-ups was presented to the audience by HSBC to keep the excitement alive in the moonlight.Soulful tunes from a live band performance added an extra layer of celebration to the event. Golfing professionals and business leaders got immersed in the unwinding music, dissolving their game stress and spending a memorable evening with their cherished companions.
Parting With a Passionate Drive
The HSBC Golf League 2024 – Grand Finale at Oxford Golf Resort witnessed a perfect blend of golfing excellence, camaraderie, and celebration. As the participants eagerly look forward to the upcoming season, the league stands as a lively tribute to the enduring appeal of golf, creating an inclusive platform that surpasses the boundaries of the sport.
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