Imran Khan in the race to become the next chancellor of Oxford University

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is among the candidates to be elected the next Chancellor of Oxford University following the resignation of Chris Patten. The seat is left vacant following the resignation of 80-year-old Patten who held the post for 21 years.

For the first time, the elections for the chancellor will be held online compared to the traditional process in which the graduates were required to attend the process in full academic dress. The prestigious chancellorship goes to graduates of the university, usually politicians.

Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and other leading political figures are in the race to become the renowned educational institute’s next chancellor.

Theresa May, a former Prime Minister, is a likely and anticipated choice for the role, with her name frequently mentioned in discussions. Coming from the Conservative Party’s moderate faction, she shares similarities with Harold Macmillan, who served as Chancellor for a long period until his passing in 1986.

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Former British Prime Ministers Sir Tony Blair and Borish Johnson are also among the candidates to become the chancellor of Oxford University.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, is sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment in different cases. He has been jailed just ahead of the General Elections 2024 in Pakistan.

Imran Khan studied Economics and Politics at Keble College, Oxford in 1972. He made a Test debut for Pakistan in 1971 and also captained the cricket team of Oxford University. In 2005, Imran Khan became the Chancellor of the Bradford University. He served this post till 2014.

During the Seventies, Imran became a world-class all-rounder and was rewarded with the captaincy of the Pakistan cricket team in 1981. He was declared international cricketer of the year in 1989-90 and led Pakistan to numerous victories all over the world, clinching the World Cup in 1992. Imran retired from cricket in 1992, and moved into Pakistani politics in 1996, launching the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (the Pakistani Justice Movement).


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