Insiders Claim Tom Cruise Is So Obsessed With the British Royal Family That He Would ‘Give His Right Arm’ to Do This

If you’re a hardcore Tom Cruise fan, then chances are you know about his love for the British royal family. But chances are you may not know how obsessed he allegedly is, and insiders claim he’d do just about anything to “get an honorary knighthood.”

Insiders told OK that Cruise is “obsessed with the royal family and the aristocratic way of life” and would “give his right arm to get an honorary knighthood” one day.

“He’s in awe of the history that’s attached to royalty and loves to educate himself about it. Even when he was living full-time in America, he’d binge-watch documentaries,” they added, saying all of his “efforts to get an honorary knighthood have fallen flat.”

They continued by saying, “He’s certain he fits right in with the royal family and is still hoping. Tom figures that if he were to be given the honor of a knighthood it would elevate him within British high society.”

Now, how can you get an honorary knighthood? Per, you get a knighthood by incredible “contributions to the arts and sciences, public works and humanitarian service.” Stars like Steven Spielberg, Bob Hope, and designer Ralph Lauren have been a few of the Americans who have gotten honorary knighthood.

Catherine, Princess of Wales and Prince William, Prince of Wales greet Tom Cruise. Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures.

So not only has Cruise been seen talking to many members of the family in the past thirty years (including Princess Diana!), but he and Queen Elizabeth II grew very close before her death. Along with that and living in the UK the past few years, William and Kate made his Christmas gift list in 2022, he walked alongside them at the Top Gun: Maverick premiere, and he was subtly a part of King Charles’s coronation.

So it’s clear he’s working hard to reach this reported goal.

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