Judicial Tech and Humanising Democracy: CJI Chandrachud at Oxford | Law-Order

Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud, speaking at the renowned Oxford Union Society, emphasised the judiciary’s role in upholding constitutional values and maintaining the continuity of India’s democracy. He underlined the significant role of technology in increasing judicial transparency, despite facing some unfair criticism on social media.

Addressing the students on the topic of the humanising role adjudicators play in society, Chandrachud highlighted the necessity for judges to understand the societal impact of their decisions. He mentioned that, even though judges remain isolated from political pressures, they must acknowledge how their rulings affect the broader polity.

Discussing the recent Supreme Court’s Special Marriage Act judgment, he explained that the judiciary engages in continuous dialogue with civil society. Chandrachud also stressed the need for a balanced approach to technological advancements, cautioning against complete automation in judicial processes to retain the human element integral to justice.

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