LeBron James does what no NFL player can do — sponsor sports betting

The King is now with DraftKings.

NBA star LeBron James is doing something no NFL player can do. He’s pushing sports betting on behalf of DraftKings.

We have no problem with LeBron getting paid. But why can an NBA player do it and an NFL player can’t? Again, it’s a “do as we say, not as we do” situation for Big Shield, with the league and the owners stuffing their pockets full of cash while wagging a finger at the players about sports gambling.

The NFL’s position on gambling is rife with hypocrisy. And the NFL doesn’t care. The money is still green, even if it comes with a little inconsistency. Or a lot.

Regardless, whatever DraftKings is paying to LeBron could be going to Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes or whoever else in the NFL could be hired to lure more people to bet. The league can take that money. The teams can take that money. The players cannot. It makes no sense.

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