LeBron James’ Tweet After Kyrie Irving Trade Has NBA World Buzzing

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James got the NBA world talking about him after he sent out a rather hilarious tweet in the wake of Kyrie Irving’s trade to the Dallas Mavericks.

Hours after the Mavs pulled off the deal for Irving, James took to Twitter to say, “Maybe It’s Me.” A lot of fans assumed he’s talking about the Kyrie trade and the Lakers’ failed pursuit after expressing interest in him.

Is LeBron blaming himself for the Lakers’ failure to get Irving? Or is he saying Irving didn’t want to join the Purple and Gold because of him? A lot can be taken from that simple tweet, and sure enough, the NBA world had a field day using it.

Fans couldn’t help but mention Taylor Swift and reference her “Anti-Hero” song when talking about the Lakers star’s tweet.

Seems like the title of a Taylor Swift song,” NBA insider Keith Smith wrote.

“Missed a prime opportunity to quote Taylor Swift on Grammy night,” another commenter added.

Meanwhile, some could only share their shock about James’ tweet since it looks uncharacteristic of him. Everyone is used to his cryptic emoji reactions, but his latest post is quite different.

“He’s tweeting like a latina on snapchat,” one fan hilariously added. “You will be burning in hell for your sins [Rob] Pelinka”

Another Twitter user added, “Me after my gf broke up with me on my 16th birthday.”

Here are other reactions to LeBron’s epic tweet:

Let’s hope LeBron won’t be making a song after his botched reunion with Irving.

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