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A cross-party planning committee will decide on the club’s stadium proposals

The Leader of Cherwell District Council says he wants Oxford United to build on its recent success on the pitch and to thrive into the future.

Liberal Democrat David Hingley was elected the leader of the Council earlier this week.    His group, in an agreement with Green and Independent Councillors, is now running Council business.

Oxford United Football Club (OUFC) want to build a new stadium on a plot of land dubbed “The Triangle” on the southern edge of the Cherwell District.   The club have submitted a planning application to the Council.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service the Conservative group leader at Cherwell, Eddie Reeves, expressed concern that with the Liberal Democrats and Green’s now in charge they may block progress for Oxford United.  

Mr Reeves said: “Residents should be concerned about this new administration.

“Liberal Democrat and Green Councillors obsess endlessly about the political bandwagons and modish causes when they should focused on the day-to-day, bread-and-butter hard graft of running local public services.

“I am especially worried about them blocking progress on Oxford United.

“We know their cabinet members in County Hall oppose the club’s plans, ostensibly on highways grounds.

“Now that they are running Cherwell District Council, which is the local planning authority, they could place further hurdles in the club directors’ way as they seek to build on the team’s stunning success this season.

“All told, Conservative councillors need to focus on the local issues that matter most to residents.

“That is what we will be doing and, where possible, making sure that this new Lib Dem-Green administration does the same.”

In response to the comments Councillor Hingley told Banbury FM: “I’m committed to working hard on behalf of local residents to getting on with the business of the council, making sure that services are delivered and that we listen to what residents have to say.

“I want OUFC to build on its recent success on the pitch and to thrive into the future.   I think everyone agrees on the importance of OUFC taking account of the interests of fans and local residents in progressing its stadium plans.

“The newly constituted Planning Committee will meet and consider applications made to [Cherwell District Council], including that from OUFC. I have confidence in the committee, whose membership reflects the political balance of the council, to do its work in a timely way.”

Cherwell’s Planning Committee is made up of 18 Councillors: six are Liberal Democrats, five from Labour, four Conservatives, two Independents and one Green.   The chair of the Planning Committee is former Council Leader Barry Wood, who is a Conservative.

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

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