LinkedIn profile with degrees from top universities like Oxford, Harvard, Stanford goes viral: Netizens call it ‘cheat code for life’

The Internet has been abuzz with curiosity and amazement after a LinkedIn profile showcasing an extraordinary educational background went viral. Nikhil Basu Trivedi, a startup co-founder, shared a screenshot of the profile on social media, dubbing it “the most absurd education history of all time.” The profile in question belongs to Jamie Beaton, the CEO of Crimson Education, who has earned degrees from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford.

Basu’s post quickly garnered attention, accumulating over 170,000 views and sparking a flurry of comments and reactions. One user humorously remarked, “Is this Thanos’ LinkedIn? Don’t let my parents see this one,” referencing the fictional character known for his unmatched power.

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Beaton’s educational journey began at Saint Kentigern in 2000, followed by attendance at King’s College in Auckland, the University of Auckland, Princeton University, Yale Law School, the University of Pennsylvania, Schwarzman Scholars, University of Oxford, Stanford University, and Harvard University. His diverse studies included an MBA, applied mathematics, and international relations, among other subjects.

Social Media Reactions

Many social media users expressed astonishment at Beaton’s academic achievements. One person joked, “This guy’s LinkedIn profile looks like a cheat code for life,” while another said, “He’s what my parents wanted me to be while I struggled with high school algebra.”

Beaton’s impressive educational background not only earned him admiration but also highlighted his entrepreneurial success. Responding to a comment, Basu mentioned, “He also started a company that is apparently worth $1B+… so, I think so?” This acknowledgment of Beaton’s achievements extends beyond academia, recognizing his significant impact in the business world.

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Some users speculated on the practical implications of Beaton’s extensive education. One user noted, “Makes sense for his business, no? If you are selling services to get into certain schools, what is better than getting into them yourself? Seems like he was working on his business while at the schools.”

Despite the humorous and admiring comments, some expressed concern about the potential financial burden of such an extensive education. Nevertheless, Beaton’s story serves as a powerful reminder of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work.

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