LinkedIn user’s mind-blowing education history stuns netizens

A LinkedIn user’s profile is going viral on social media for its astonishing educational history. Read more here!

LinkedIn user’s mind-blowing educational history stuns netizens.
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New Delhi: One LinkedIn user’s profile is going viral on social media. The user’s education history left netizens with many questions.

Nikhil Basu Trivedi, who goes by the name @nbt, shared a screenshot of a LinkedIn profile. The profile showed a stunning educational history. From Oxford to Princeton, the LinkedIn user had been educated at top educational institutions from across the world.

LinkedIn user’s mind-blowing educational history goes viral

LinkedIn user's profile stuns netizens.

LinkedIn user’s profile stuns netizens.
Image credit: @nbt/X

It was captioned, “Just came across the most absurd education history of all time on LinkedIn.” The post left netizens speechless. One said, “Wild. I thought it was going to be a long list of online certificate programs from these institutions at first glance .” Another said, “In fairness, one of my friends from Princeton did something similar (but less extreme) because he just didn’t know what to do with his life. So collecting degrees from top schools became his vocation.”

Netizens reacted to the LinkedIn user's exceptional educational history.

Netizens reacted to the LinkedIn user’s exceptional educational history.
Image credit: @nbt/X

A third netizen commented, “A bigger degree collector than me. I shall show my husband so he can appreciate that I am not this.”

Jamie Beaton LinkedIn

Many identified the LinkedIn user to be Crimson Education founder Jamie Beaton. Netizens spoke of the man and called him a brilliant man.

One said, “This looks like The founder of Crimson Education, he is a brilliant guy.” Another wrote, “I think he does all these degrees so he can form relationships with the admissions department to send his edtech students there.” A third person said, “This is like low key a founder in stealth mode racking up big name investors before going to market.”


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