Mosque locked down after ‘man stabbed’ and collapses on front doorstep

A mosque in Oxford has been locked down after a man was stabbed nearby and collapsed on the front doorstep of the building looking for help.

Police have rushed to Central Oxford Mosque following the incident, and there is a significant emergency services presence at the scene.

In a statement, Thames Valley Police Oxford said they were “on the scene of a serious incident”. In a statement, the Central Oxford Mosque Society said: “Earlier this evening, a young man was stabbed in an altercation in the Cousin Close alleyway adjacent to Manzil Way.

“This incident is unconnected to the masjid… The young man came into the masjid seeking medical attention. He was assisted by trustees and the ambulance was called – paramedics and police have closed Manzil Way and Cousin Close.”

Following the incident, GB News reported that Oxford City Councillor Shaista Aziz said: “I was at the mosque today with my family and we left a few minutes before police cars started screeching in the direction of the mosque, so it was quite shocking to see that.

“I pulled over for the police to get past and the ambulance and then my mum was quite panicked because she thought something had happened at the mosque. I made phone calls to my family members to find out if they were okay as I had no idea what was going on.

“It is very shocking that this has happened on the second day of Ramadan and so close to the mosque. People weren’t able to leave and have obviously had to wait for the police cordon to be lifted.

“It is very devastating, and this is the latest number of recent stabbings in Oxford – it is shocking there has been a big spike in stabbings in the city.

“There needs to be some serious questions asked about what is going on in relation to knife crime in Oxford. Prayers are with the victim, I hope he pulls through and thoughts are with his family too.”

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, a spokesperson for the mosque added: “Us Muslims, our job is to protect life. You save one person, you save all of humanity. We were made aware that there has been a young person involved in an altercation.

“When we went outside a young man said ‘I’ve been stabbed’, so we immediately brought him into the mosque to help him. He collapsed outside the mosque front doors where we administered first aid with our trained first aiders.

“The police and ambulance attended the scene and the young man is in hospital – our thoughts and our prayers are with the young man and his family and we hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.”

Councillor Shaista Aziz has added that the incident “was unconnected to the mosque” and that the victim “went inside to ask for help”.

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