Mother of Oxford High School shooter found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

BREAKING UPDATE: Jennifer Crumbley has been found guilty of all four charges of involuntary manslaughter she faced related to the Oxford High School shooting.


The following is the statement from Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard:

My first thoughts today are with the families of the victims and the community so terribly impacted by this tragedy. You have my unwavering support. I know that this is not just a reopening of a wound, it is tearing wider a wound that has yet to heal. Each time my staff re-lives that terrible day in that school through their testimony, I can see the burden in their faces.

I applaud the jury that plowed new ground with this verdict today. If among a parent’s first thoughts when you hear word there is an active shooter at your child’s school isn’t to wonder if my child is hurt but is my son the gunman. That tells me you saw the signs and did nothing. Accountability and responsibility matter. There is ongoing help and support for the community not just through the Sheriff’s Office, but through the Oxford Resiliency center. Reach out.

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OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – A jury reached a verdict in the trial against the mother of a Michigan school shooter on Tuesday.

Jennifer Crumbley was facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter related to the four student deaths stemming from the Oxford High School shooting of 2021.

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She was accused of failing to secure a gun and ammunition at home and failing to get help for her son’s mental health.

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The jury began deliberations Monday, after seven days of testimony ended Friday.

Prosecutors say Jennifer Crumbley was grossly negligent when she failed to tell Oxford High School that the family had guns, including a 9 mm handgun that her son, the shooter, used at a shooting range on the weekend before the Nov. 30, 2021, attack.

He shot a total of 11 people, killing four on the day.

The boy’s violent drawing on a math assignment led to a meeting with his parents earlier that day.

Jennifer Crumbley was not accused of knowing her son’s plan to terrorize the school. But prosecutors say she and her husband failed to properly store the gun and ignored the teen’s mental health.

Jennifer Crumbley denied responsibility, and her lawyer described the shooter as a “skilled manipulator” who wasn’t ill.

Her son has since pleaded guilty to murder and terrorism and is serving a life sentence.

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