“No Self-Awareness Baby Boo”: Stephen Curry and Co. Unanimously Single Out 4x Champion Over a Childcare Duty, Leaving NBA World in Gales of Laughter – EssentiallySports

A certain star of the Golden State Warriors has been forced to carry a huge chunk of the load of the team in the absence of Stephen Curry. The said player seems to be doing a pretty good job as he has led the Warriors to victory on multiple occasions over the past few weeks. Moreover, he also seems to be in the form of his life as he has been dropping a boatload of points lately. However, the said Warriors player was recently singled out by his fellow teammates over a childcare duty, much to the delight of NBA fans.

The four-time NBA champion who has been singled out by Curry and other Warriors players is Klay Thompson. As it turns out, the younger Splash bro is not the best babysitter in the world, according to his fellow teammates.

Stephen Curry and co unanimously decide Klay Thompson would be the worst babysitter


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Recently, NBC Sports Bay Area shared a video on their official Instagram page, revealing the Warriors players’ answers on who would be the worst babysitter among them. Curry straightaway said Thompson would be the worst babysitter as “about halfway through he might forget that there’s a baby he is responsible for.” Meanwhile, Thompson was asked the same question but he seemed to take his time to opt his pick. In the meantime, Steve Kerr and Draymond Green chimed in and agreed on the name of Thompson.

Additionally, Jonathan Kuminga said, “Klay would be the worst”. Subsequently, Thompson finally came up with an answer as he said, “I would assume it would be Jonathan Kuminga. He tends to be forgetful sometimes…”

Both Jordan Poole and Kevon Looney also picked JK [Kuminga] as the worst babysitter among them. However, the now 33-year-old Thompson got the most votes for being the worst babysitter. Judging from the players’ statements, Big Smokey and the 20-year-old Kuminga apparently would not be getting any babysitting gigs anytime soon.

NBA world laughed hysterically after coming across the video

Shortly after the video was shared, it garnered a lot of attention from fans and prompted them to react. They chimed in and flooded the comment section of Instagram with their usual banter. Most of them definitely had a good laugh, while some even believed that Big Smokey would be a good babysitter too.


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Here are some of the other reactions of fans:

“No self-awareness baby boo(laughing emojis)”

“Klay is comedy without even trying (laughing emojis)”

“This is pure gold.”

“I feel like klay would be the the most fun tho”


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“Who edited this? (emojis) too funny (emojis)

“absolutely hilarious and the stacking of responses over KTs thinking (emoji) time was even funnier”

“Klay would be a legend as a babysitter too!”


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What are your thoughts on almost everyone in the Warriors squad naming Klay Thompson as the worst babysitter among them? Let us know in the comments below.

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