Non GamStop Poker: Brief Guide for UK PLayers

GamStop is a straightforward self-exclusion scheme that is available for all UK bettors. This implies that a punter must go through the official website of GamStop and register in order to self-exclude. He can select the exclusion term which is either six months, a year, or five years.

British poker players that are considering self-exclusion must keep in mind that the self-exclusion period cannot be cancelled before expiration. Customer service is also helpless regarding this trait since the idea of the scheme is to deal with bad gambling habits. Removing GamStop self-exclusion feature whenever a punter wishes is impossible. Also, a punter has to keep in mind that GamStop is under the UKGC, so it only covers casinos that hold a licence from the same.

One of the most important concerns is related to what GamStop does and how effective it is. This scheme is available in all UKGC-licensed casinos. If an online poker room in the UK wants to obtain a UKGC license, it must have GamStop too. The license allows them to provide a myriad of games including slots, live dealer games, bingo, poker, etc. However, there are also non GamStop poker sites in the UK with live games and no restrictions for British customers. Are they any good? Let’s find out.

Poker Sites Without GamStop for UK Players: Pro & Contra

Not all poker sites are guarded by GamStop since it only operates within the UK. Many poker sites operate under offshore jurisdictions like Malta, Curacao, and Kahnawake. Poker sites not on GamStop have a lot to offer to attract punters. These platforms are highly popular among UK poker fans and offer certain major advantages too.

Reasons to Try Out Non GamStop Poker

Some of the most popular reasons why UK players start using poker sites not registered with the GamStop scheme include the ones listed below.

  • Accepting GamStop Customers From UK. Such poker sites allow British punters to bypass the norms of the software and play freely. Despite undergoing self-exclusion at GamStop, punters can play poker or any other game without inconveniences or problems. These platforms offer a plethora of poker games, contemporary user experience, and much more. Players also have access to promotions, new deals, and online game links outside the website as well.
  • European Certification and Licensing. Poker platforms without GamStop often work under European gaming licenses and thus are easily accessible by UK punters. This indicates an increase in security and knowledge regarding the complete set of rights available at all times.
  • Simpler Registration Process. Non-GamStop poker sites make UK users undergo minimum to no KYC procedures. This simplifies their experience. These sites are considered safe with two-factor authentications, OTP, SSL, and everything else. The wagering and withdrawal clauses aren’t too cryptic either.

Reasons to Avoid Non GamStop Poker Sites

Along with the positive sides, there are also some negative aspects of online poker rooms without GamStop support that any responsible poker fan in the United Kingdom should know about. Here are some of them.

  • Not all Poker Sites Support Responsible Gambling. Although there are poker rooms with responsible gambling tools, not all online casinos outside GamStop support this feature. British players with problem gambling should familiarise themselves with self-exclusion options provided by a poker website before engaging into play.
  • No Software to Prevent Problem Gambling. Since the poker rooms discussed here are not registered with GamStop, UK players need to attend poker sites carefully in order to avoid addiction by any means. However, from player experience, these sites are usually safe.
  • No UKGC Licensing Regulations. Non-UK poker sites operate internationally and comply with all the essential laws and regulations for online gaming sites. There fore, UKGC poker regulations do not apply to UK players who prefer to play poker outside of the GamStop scheme, and so UKGC rules cannot protect them in case anything happens.
  • British Payment Methods Unavailable. Poker sites without GamStop and PayPal support are quite unusual — even when you manage to find one, as a rule, PayPay quickly becomes unavailable on it. The same applies to Boku or mobile phone payments — non GamStop poker rooms just cannot support them. One must have other methods to pay through like bank wire transfers, e-wallets, or bitcoins.


Whereas private poker gaming in the UK is allowed, online sites with this game fall under strict laws and UKGC regulations. GamStop is a vital self-exclusion program that assists punters with problem gambling issues. Once activated, all UKGC licensed online casinos will become unavailable for the punter till the exclusion period ends. Punters who play for leisure and do not have gambling-related problems can choose to play poker on non GamStop poker sites. So, it basically depends on the choice of a punter. GamStop focuses on a major problem that is worth giving a shot.

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