Ohio Tornado Warning: Twister To Reach Wedge, Findlay, Oxford, Wood County Amid Touchdown In Auglaize County

A tornado touched down in Ohio’s Auglaize County, New Bremen earlier today.

A tornado touchdown happened in Ohio’s Auglaize County on Tuesday. The National Weather Service (NWS) issued multiple warnings of a possible twister headed towards Wedge, Findlay, Oxford, Wood and Butler Counties.

The NWS’ office in Wilmington Ohio in its detailed forecast warned of a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located over Oxford shortly after 9:00 pm, per local time. The weather agency twister warning is going to remain active in Central Butler County in southwestern Ohio till around 9:45 pm (EDT). The storm was moving in the east with a speed of 30 mph.

Local storm chasers captured a tornado on their camera. The twister moving near New Bremen in Auglaize County late Tuesday evening. Meanwhile, a tornado warning also remains active in Central Champaign County as a a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located near West Liberty. The hig-paced storm moving east at 40 mph was spotted shortly before 10:00 pm, per local time.

Based on radar indicated rotation, the NWS concluded in its forecast the storm could trigger twisters that may leave their impact on Hamilton, Fairfield, Oxford, Trenton, Seven Mile, Williamsdale, Darrtown, New Miami, Millville, Somerville, Jacksonburg, Collinsville, Maustown, Mcgonigle, and Beckett Ridge.

In previous forecast, after a storm capable of producing a tornado was located over Fort Recovery by the NWS Wilmington, a warning was issued and residents of Southern Mercer County in west central Ohio were alerted. The storm reportedly left an impaction on multiple locations including Celina, Coldwater, St. Henry, Fort Recovery, Wabash, Chickasaw, Montezuma, Neptune, Carthagena, and Maria Stein.

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