Ole Miss head coach Madison Scott? It is possible but not anytime soon: ‘That’s big shoes to fill’

The Ole Miss women’s basketball team begins its third run in the NCAA Tournament under head coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin on Saturday. Madison Scott is a big reason why the Rebels have the first three consecutive bids in nearly 30 years.

In fact, Scott is a key part of the entire resurgence of the Ole Miss program. Something McCuin knew from the jump when she started recruiting the McDonald’s All-American.

Despite the naysayers in her ear Scott took a chance and came to Oxford as a cornerstone of McCuin’s rebuild. Four years later that belief paid off for both of them and Ole Miss is nationally relevant once again because of it.

The respect Scott has for her coach and the respect the Rebels sixth year head coach has in return is equal and the trust between the duo is undeniable.

There are still plenty of playing years left for Scott, who has already announced a return to Ole Miss this fall for her fifth season. But, has sitting under the learning tree of McCuin rubbed off on the senior forward and provided the itch to move into the coaching ranks?

“Definitely coaching is something that’s in the back of my head, something that I’m very interested in,” Scott said during Friday’s press conference in South Bend. “Coach Yo has meant a lot to me. This is year four with her, and I already announced I’m coming back. It’ll be year five in the future. Coach Yo keeps me on me toes. She pushes me past my limits. She really has helped me grow, you know? And it hasn’t been easy for her. I know there’s been a lot of difficult moments but she never leaves my side. She’s always there, and it’s bigger than basketball. She wants me to be great on the basketball court, but also great in life, so she’s teaching me life skills that’s going to help me be successful.”

This season alone has provided plenty of difficult moments for both player and coach. The loss of starting point guard KK Deans was the first roadblock of adversity, but the Rebels overcame it.

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In fact, Scott played a key role in Ole Miss responding with its best regular season run in conference play with 12 wins.

The Rebels finished third in the Southeastern Conference standings, its highest finish in the league in over 30 years.

Scott has dreams of playing at the next level, which is why returning for the 2024-25 season was important to her. Not only to finish what she started in cementing Ole Miss as a powerhouse in the SEC and the nation, but to take one more year to polish her skillset in a bid to make it in the WNBA.

Though during Friday’s press conference ahead of the Rebels practice at Purcell Pavilion, the topic of coaching came back around to Scott. She was not going to be able to escape the podium before answering one specific question.

Would coaching her alma mater be an enticing offer down the road?

“That’s big shoes to fill, you know?” Scott said. “With Coach Yo doing what she’s doing now and she’s just beginning. There’s so much success and blessings coming her way but definitely if the opportunity presented itself, I would love to do that.

“Oxford, Ole Miss, they show me so much love. They’ve helped mold me into the woman I am today. I’m still growing, I’m still improving but I wouldn’t be where I am without Coach Yo, University of Mississippi, my teammates, all the relationships, everything that’s come out of coming to the University of Mississippi. It will alias be near and dear to my heart. So definitely, to answer your question. Yes.”

When it was McCuin’s turn to take the podium she reacted to Scott’s thoughts on entering the coaching ranks and possibly even at Ole Miss.

“First of all, I want to tell you I’m glad I have a new contract because you made me nervous with that Madi question because she’s a hot commodity in Oxford and I didn’t want them to get any ideas,” McCuin said. “I’m just kidding. She would be a great coach and she has already let me know that I need to have a position for her when she’s done playing basketball.”

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