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All Ukrainian citizens will now be able to travel to the United Kingdom from Warsaw for free. The transfer will take place on March 19 this year thanks to volunteers Helen Weale and A&A Coach Hire.

VisitUkraine.today (Ukrainian information portal for help) also reported that the trip will be organised by bus, during which there will also be free meals offered, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

For a free trip to the UK, every Ukrainian must meet several criteria, includinghaving Ukrainian citizenship, having a British visa, and having a sponsor in the UK.

The Homes for Ukraine program is currently available for refugees from Ukraine. Thus, as part of this program, a Ukrainian refugee must find a British citizen who will become a sponsor to them, and who will provide free housing for at least six months.

In a bid to make the procedures easier for Ukrainians who want to move to the UK, the charity organization USPUK has also been engaged in the search for sponsors.

Immediately after the war in Ukraine, in March last year, the state-owned Polish railway company PKP made it possible for all Ukrainian citizens to have the right to travel to Germany without having to pay for tickets.

In this regard, the Company pointed out that Ukrainians will be able to travel for free in second class on the nine daily trains that connect the Polish cities of Warsaw, Przemysl, and Gdynia with the German capital, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, many European countries have opened their doors to large numbers of refugees fleeing war, including neighbouring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, and Romania.

In December last year, the European Statistical Office, Eurostat, revealed that Ukrainian refugees who fled the war after the invasion by Russia benefited the most from the status of Temporary Protection in Poland. Data provided by Eurostat also show that in October 2022 alone, Poland granted a total of 54,520 temporary protection statuses to Ukrainian citizens.

The same authorities said that after the large number registered in Poland comes Germany with 37,595 temporary protections Italy with 8,620, Romania with 8,425, and Bulgaria with 7,250.

The Eurostat report also found that a total of 1.01 million Ukrainian refugees benefited more from Poland’s temporary protection status in Poland.

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