Oxford Bus Group completes half its electric vehicle launch

The bus company confirmed that 52 out of its 104 buses are now in operation, signifying a crucial step forward as part of their commitment to sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint.

It was also revealed that the buses are used for city routes and open-top tours around the picturesque city of Oxford.

The bus company has taken additional measures by installing an electricity substation and 104 high voltage charging points at the Cowley depot.

This infrastructure will accommodate the rapid charging of their electric buses.

Managing director at Oxford Bus Company, Luke Marion said: “We’re making excellent progress in our journey to transform our city fleet into an all-electric service to further help improve air quality in the communities we serve.

“We wholeheartedly support Earth Day; it is a great initiative that celebrates sustainability and encourages people to make small changes to help the environment.”

Last year, the company collaborated with local partners Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council and Stagecoach to introduce a total of 159 electric buses into service.

A recent report revealed that the reduced NOx emissions from buses has resulted in them causing less pollution than cars in the city centre.

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