Oxford Casino email error leaves some customers feeling not so lucky

OXFORD (WGME) — A number of Maine casino customers are not feeling too lucky after being told they won hundreds of dollars in free slot play only to find out later that it was all a mistake.

Each week, the Oxford Casino holds an email promotion where they choose five customers at random over email to win $250 in free slot credits.

While the winning email was sent to those five lucky customers this week per usual, the Casino confirms the email was also sent out to numerous other people as well.

“On January 10, five patrons were randomly selected and received an email correctly notifying them that they were a winner,” Oxford Casino General Manager Matt Gallagher said. “Unfortunately, the same email was incorrectly sent to a number of patrons who were not winners. This was the result of a human error.”

Within an hour of the original “winner” email going out, the Casino said it got approval from Maine’s Gambling Control Unit to send a retraction to those who were sent it by mistake. It’s currently unclear how many people the original email went to.

However, at least 10 people reached out to the CBS13 I-Team to express their frustration about the situation.

“Me along with my mom, daughter and son all received the same message,” William Redmun said. “I feel that this error was not the customer’s fault and therefore they should be obligated to at least compensate the people who were affected fairly.”

At the moment, it’s still unclear if those who received the email by mistake have any recourse to recoup that free slot play.

According to the Maine Gambling Control Unit, which regulates the state’s casinos and their promotions, at least 12 complaints about the situation have come in so far.

“They are requested to address the complaint and try to resolve it within 30 days and respond to the Board in writing with their response to the complaint,” a spokesperson for the Gambling Control Unit said. “Their response is given to the complainant to respond to. Then if there is insufficient gravity to warrant further action it may be dismissed or brought before the Board for a final decision.”

You can learn more about that process and contact the Maine Gambling Control Unit for yourself here.

While it will likely take at least another month before they get answers from the state, those impacted hope the casino will them something in the meantime.

“I think they should honor their commitment and give everyone the free slot play,” Luis Felipe said. “It would be a good gesture and win for them because people would likely take advantage of it and come and spend even more money with them.”

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