Oxford Economics’ Global Cities Index: At 350, Delhi highest ranked Indian city; check list

Delhi has scored the 350th rank in the Oxford Economics’ Global Cities Index, which has compared the world’s 1000 largest cities on parameters ranging from economics to human capital.

India Gate in Delhi.(ANI file photo)

The list of 1000 largest cities, spread across 163 different countries, also feature several other Indian cities, including Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai. However, no Indian city could make the Top 300. The national capital is the best performing Indian city on the list.

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“We have developed our Global Cities Index to provide a holistic assessment of the 1,000 largest cities in the world. Leveraging our economic data, and supplemented by other publicly available datasets, the index allows us to directly compare cities around the world on a range of metrics,” said the economic research firm.

The index contains five categories: Economics, Human Capital, Quality of Life, Environment, and Governance, which are aggregated to create an overall score for each city.

New York ranks first on the index, followed by London, San Jose, Tokyo, Paris, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Melbourne and Zurich.

In India, Bengaluru is ranked 411, Mumbai 427, Chennai 472, Kochi 521, Kolkata 528, Pune 534, Thrissur 550, Hyderabad 564 and Kozhikode 580.

Chandigarh (584), Tiruchirappalli (634), Pondicherry (646), Kottayam (649), Ahmedabad (654), Mysore (667), Coimbatore (669), Jalandhar (672), Thiruvananthapuram (686), Madurai (691), Bhubaneswar (704), Amritsar (717), Vellore (729), Ludhiana (730), Nagpur (744), Dehradun (745), Vasai-Virar (748), Kannur (759), Srinagar (761), Hubli-Dharwad (766), Salem (767), Guwahati (770), Jaipur (772), Belgaum (777), Mangalore (779) and Bhopal (792) also featured on the list.

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South Indian cities appear to be ranked higher on the list.

According to Oxford Economics, it is the world’s foremost independent economic advisory firm. It has a presence in over 200 countries, over 100 industrial sectors and 8,000 cities and regions.

Ranked 578, Pakistan’s Islamabad and Rawalpindi were the best performing cities of the country.

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