Oxford locals name the shops they want in the city

A variety of ideas and opinions were voiced with many community members pining for the return of previous commercial staples.

Richa Verma appealed for the return of department store Debenhams, despite the retail giant having ceased its physical high street presence.

She said: “They are online, so haven’t been wiped off existence, just no physical store, which is a bummer.”

Rebecca Comley welcomed the idea of budget DIY chain The Range bringing back Wilko, adding: “I really miss working there and shopping there.”

A range of other stores were mentioned, from Woolworths to Smyths toy store.

According to Sarah-Jane Walley, “a good toy shop like The Entertainer or Symths” would benefit the local area.

This idea was supported by another local, Jemma Lucy, who added Disney shop and Build-A-Bear to the list of children’s stores.

Kimberley-Jane Day agreed, saying she would “love” the two stores to come back.

Several people, including Ritesh Vyas, were clamouring for the return of beloved eateries like Noodle Nation.

Others had a different view, with a desire for more “everyday” shops.

Mary Innes said: “Everyday shops like Debenhams, bonmarche, willow. No more food or cafes.”

Among the suggestions for more stores were also calls for better accessibility to the city, with Hailey Wilson saying there was a need to “open up the roads first”.

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