Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum collaborates to create unique organic liqueur

On May 13, an invite-only event took place in the museum’s rooftop restaurant.

The highlight of the celebration was the collaboration between Ashmolean Dry Gin and Gibson’s Organic Liqueurs, resulting in a unique Crab Apple Organic Liqueur.

Gibson’s Organic Liqueurs began its journey in 2007 when founder Miles Gibson returned from volunteer work on organic farms and began sustainable farming on his own family land in Burford, Cotswolds.

Their organic process excludes pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, resulting in vegan, gluten and sulphite free products.

Mr Gibson said: “I am thrilled to be involved with a local institution that is actively supporting artisan businesses rather than just paying lip-service to this idea”.

The exclusive Crab Apple Organic Liqueur features artwork by Simon Verelst (1644-1721), with flavour featuring 17 botanicals including kaffir lime, rose, jasmine, and spices from the Middle East.

The label for Ashmolean Dry Gin, another product available for purchase, is adorned with a piece from the Eastern Art collection by Takeuchi Seiho (1864-1942).

The Ashmolean Museum recently added Gibson’s Organic Liqueurs to its Brand Licensing programme, furthering its endeavour to collaborate with diverse range of businesses.

The result is unique products inspired by the museum’s rich collections.

Also distributed by the museum are Elderflower and Sloe Gin, each bottle presenting a wonderful tribute to the surrounding Oxfordshire countryside and the museum’s collection.

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