Pickleball Kingdom Awards 5-Club Deal to Talented Sibling Duo

CHANDLER, Ariz., Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pickleball Kingdom, a prominent leader in offering premier indoor pickleball experiences, is thrilled to announce a new 5-club deal with a dynamic brother and sister pair, Monya Mitchell and Tim Hall, III. The ambitious siblings are looking to strategically locate their new indoor clubs across five distinct territories: Phoenix Metro West, Greater Tucson Area, Orlando Metro North, Orlando Metro South, and Denver Metro.

Pickleball Kingdom’s exponential growth can be attributed to its dedicated approach toward creating engaging, high-quality, and community-focused pickleball environments. Its commitment to the sport and the community has been paramount in positioning the brand as the leading choice among people aspiring to capitalize in the booming business of pickleball across the nation.

COO of Pickleball Kingdom, Rob Streett, shared, “This milestone is not just about our brand’s expansion but also reflects the rising popularity of pickleball as a sport that brings people together. With Monya and Tim now part of the Kingdom Family, there are no better ambassadors to spread the joys of pickleball!”

This addition marks a significant step in Pickleball Kingdom’s vision to popularize the sport and make high-quality pickleball facilities available across the United States.

Monya Mitchell commented on the development saying, “Being a part of Pickleball Kingdom’s widespread and reputable network is a momentous step for us. Our mission aligns seamlessly with the brand’s ethos, and we are eager to contribute to the growth and nourishment of the pickleball community. I’m so excited to on this adventure with my brother, Tim, and my husband, Erik.”

Tim Hall, III, added, “We believe in the sport and its potential to forge connections, promote fitness, and generate joy among its players. We are excited to bring these values and top-notch facilities to our territories.”

Pickleball Kingdom’s CEO, Ace Rodrigues, commented, “Pickleball Kingdom continues its robust journey, committed to its goal of establishing a Kingdom in every major US city. Partnering with Monya and Tim forms the perfect partnership that we look for when awarding franchise deals. At the core of Pickleball Kingdom are family values and strong communities.  Monya and Tim embody the essence of those virtues and we love that.”

About Pickleball Kingdom:

Pickleball Kingdom is dedicated to creating a world where the sport of pickleball is celebrated and cherished. Through its outstanding facilities and community-driven approach, the brand endeavors to enhance the pickleball experience for players at every level, across the nation.

For information about franchising with Pickleball Kingdom, contact:

COO, Rob Streett at (888)788-0999 or  [email protected]

Monya Mitchell is a high energy, proactive, innovative change agent who has over 20 years of leadership in managing restaurants, retail stores, and most recently high performing teams in the telecom industry. Her core philosophy is to always put the customer’s experience first. She will be joined in this venture by her husband, Erik Mitchell.

Tim Hall, III, has had a successful career in telecommunications, hospitality, retail, personnel management, and insurance. He is driven by his faith and values. Tim and his partners are motivated to be able to give back to the communities and causes that they support.

SOURCE Pickleball Kingdom

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