‘Please stop punishing us’: New traffic restrictions set for approval

Oxfordshire County Council highways chief Andrew Gant is recommended to give the green light to two tiger crossings, a zebra crossing, no-waiting-at-any-time rules and shared-use cycle paths for the Blackbird Leys ward in Oxford.

The parking restrictions would see double yellow lines introduced on both sides of Blackbird Leys Road alongside new shared and segregated cycle paths.

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As part of the council consultation, an unnamed Allin Close householder in Blackbird Leys, said: “Please don’t make our lives any harder than you already have – it’s so difficult trying to fulfil all my responsibilities and try and keep a job and caring duties.

Oxford Mail: Blackbird Leys.Blackbird Leys. (Image: Oxford Mail)

“We already live on the edge of the city and it’s already hard enough – please stop punishing us – why don’t you go to Jericho and Wolvercote and introduce lots of restrictions there instead?”

Another resident, objecting to the parking restrictions said: “Just be respectful of us that live in Blackbird Leys. We are human beings just like the rest of you.”

Most objectors did support the idea for a zebra crossing but were specifically against the double yellow lines restriction and shared-use cycle path for Blackbird Leys Road.

A Thames Valley Police traffic management officer raised no objection to the proposed measures and neither did the Oxford Bus Company who said it “strongly supports the regeneration of the Blackbird Leys District Centre”.

Oxford Mail: Blackbird Leys Road.Blackbird Leys Road. (Image: Google Maps.)

A spokesman added: “By restricting parking on the full length of Blackbird Leys Road south of Moorbank as far as Pegasus Way, these properly allow for safe and efficient operation of bus services, and improve the immediate access on foot to bus stops.

“They also support the prioritisation of active travel modes in the vicinity of the district centre, including greatly improved segregated cycle provision.

“Parking provision is made otherwise for the development, in line with county and city council policies.”

Blackbird Leys in Oxford is undergoing a regeneration with plans focused on “addressing the city’s housing shortage” by building 294 homes across two new key sites.

A total of 28 out of 37 consultation respondents said they were against plans to introduce the double yellow lines on both sides of Blackbird Leys Road while 25 people were against the shared and segregated cycle lane plans.

Oxford Mail: Andrew Gant.Andrew Gant. (Image: Oxfordshire County Council.)

Only seven out of the 37 have objected to the zebra crossing but 18 respondents objected to the tiger crossing.

Oxford cycling group Cyclox said it “sadly” would need to “oppose the highways improvement measures” due to some design-related concerns.

A local councillor concluded: “I agree with the principles behind what is being done.

“But I am extremely concerned about the detailed plans because they will fail to deliver the aspiration.”

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