‘Swindon is a better shopping destination than Oxford’, says driving instructor

Peter Brooks, who lives in Carterton in West Oxfordshire, chooses to head south to Swindon rather than east to Oxford for his shopping after several bad experiences.

He claims a mixture of parking, road works and restrictions make the city just up the A420 inconvenient.

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Peter previously vowed not to visit Oxford ahead of Christmas 2023 after struggling to park in the city the previous December.

The 54-year-old said: “I kept my promise as I didn’t even attempt to do any shopping in Oxford.

“It’s quicker and simpler to jump in my car and drive to Swindon’s many shopping parks with good access and ample free parking.

“So, same as last year, that’s what I did for a lot of my actual Christmas shopping and will continue to do for major purchases this year.

“My trips to Oxford are now limited to a few work commitments and the odd leisure activity.

“I thought Swindon was a better shopping destination than Oxford and I still believe this to be true.

“In fact, since then Oxford has got worse with more road closures and restrictions making it very inconvenient to travel to.

“The council do nothing really to encourage people to their city.”

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