The best of the best: Recognizing the top football players of 2023 in the Marion area

The following football players representing 10 teams in the Marion Star’s coverage area earned honors from sports writer Rob McCurdy for All-Marion Star in 2023.

All-Marion Star Offensive Player of the Year

  • Chase Ebert, River Valley, junior, 6-foot-1, 195 pounds..

All-Marion Star Defensive Player of the Year

  • Nels VanGundy, Elgin, senior, 6-foot-3, 190 pounds.

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All-Marion Star Lineman of the Year

  • Brady Henry, Pleasant, junior, 6-foot-3, 260 pounds.

All-Marion Star Coaches of the Year

  • Corey Chatman, Ridgedale.
  • C.J. Westler, Pleasant.

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All-Marion Star First Team Offense

  • Quarterback: Chase Ebert, River Valley, junior, 6-1, 195.
  • Running Back: Quentin Harrison, Elgin, junior, 5-10, 175.
  • Running Back: Dane Nauman, Highland, senior, 6-0, 215.
  • Receiver: Kaden Reidenbach, Highland, junior, 6-4, 175.
  • Receiver: Keyan Shidon, River Valley, senior, 5-9, 160.
  • Receiver: Aiden Smith, Pleasant, junior, 6-0, 155.
  • Receiver: Jax Wenger, Northmor, junior, 6-2, 185.
  • Offensive Line: Dylan Britt, Northmor, senior, 6-0, 220
  • Offensive Line: Brady Henry, Pleasant, junior, 6-3, 260.
  • Offensive Line: Rylan Keever, North Union, senior, 6-1, 249.
  • Offensive Line: Hayden Krinn, Mount Gilead, senior, 6-0, 255.
  • Offensive Line: Ethan Lyon, River Valley, senior, 6-0, 230.
  • Offensive Line: Russell Sherman, Elgin, senior, 6-1, 250.
  • Kicker: Caleb Schnuerer, Northmor, senior, 6-0, 190.

All-Marion Star First-Team Defense

  • Defensive Line: Sam Mentzer, Pleasant, junior, 5-10, 180.
  • Defensive Line: Evan Ricketts, Ridgedale, sophomore, 6-4, 195.
  • Defensive Line: Brayden Townsend, Ridgedale, junior, 6-3, 205.
  • Defensive Line: Nels VanGundy, Elgin, senior, 6-3, 190.
  • Defensive Line: Mike Williams, Marion Harding, senior, 5-11, 240.
  • Linebacker: Justin Long, Marion Harding, junior, 6-0, 200.
  • Linebacker: Landon Shepard, Elgin, junior, 6-3, 215.
  • Linebacker: Conner Smith, Pleasant, senior, 6-1, 200.
  • Linebacker: Nathan Thiel, Ridgedale, senior, 6-3, 195.
  • Linebacker: Tyson Waddle, River Valley, junior, 5-10, 200.
  • Defensive Back: Nolan Draper, North Union, senior, 5-11, 172.
  • Defensive Back: Hunter Fulk, Northmor, senior, 5-10, 150.
  • Defensive Back: Sam Hernandez, Highland, junior, 5-10, 165.
  • Punter: Cam Vickers, Mount Gilead, junior, 6-2, 170.

All-Marion Star Honorable Mention Offense

  • Nicholas Armrose, Northmor; A.J. Bower, Northmor; Jacob Brown, Elgin; Wyatt Denney, Cardington; Malin Fichtner, Highland; Kayden Gwilym, Cardington; Ayden Kenney, River Valley; Bo Landin, Northmor; Owen Lowry, Pleasant; Treyton Mercer, River Valley; Landon Murphy, Ridgedale; Landon O’Donnell, Pleasant; Josiah Payne, Marion Harding; Raymond Scott-Harbolt, Marion Harding; Alex Stokes, Marion Harding; Kolton Stover, Highland.

All-Marion Star Honorable Mention Defense

  • Zach Church, Highland; Paul Cramer, Northmor; Carter Creeden, River Valley; Michael Deas, Ridgedale; Ladon Hayes, Highland; Hayden Kline, Highland; Tyler Krebehenne, North Union; Marquis Long, Marion Harding; Kaiden Luikart, Elgin; Kolton Millisor, River Valley; Cameron Osborne, North Union; Gabe Simpson, Mount Gilead; Carter Skaggs, North Union; J.J. Slaugherbeck, Ridgedale; Jace Trachtenberg, Pleasant; Nathan Wansik, Pleasant.
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