THE RESULTS: Cambridge vs Oxford women’s football 2024

A short summary of the Varsity match for those of you who know nothing about football

Cambridge has beaten Oxford 3-0 at this year’s women’s Varsity Football match.

For those of you who don’t know anything about football but still want the rundown on Cambridge’s momentous victory, here is a short and easy to read summary of the match.

The first half of the match was a huge success for Cambridge, leaving the score 2-0.

Our girls wasted no time at the start of the game. The first goal was scored in just the ninth minute by centre midfielder Ella O’Conell, assisted by Alexia Dengler.

Despite the early setback, the Oxford girls continued to fight, creating many opportunities for themselves but without managing to follow any through. Cambridge, similarly, came very close to scoring on multiple occasions, but were met by a strong Oxford defence.

Then, on 38th minute, Allie Renie, a returning Blues player, scored assisted by a corner from Ella O’Connell, putting Cambridge two goals up for the second half.

The beginning of the second half saw lots of possession for Oxford, who were eager to make up their disadvantage.

However, the Cambridge attackers persisted, and there was a close opportunity for Ella O’Connell that was saved by the Oxford goalkeeper and a free kick by Alexia Dengler that was also unsuccessful.

On the 61st minute, Allie Renie scored an incredible goal from right outside the box, putting Cambridge three goals up.

Despite the sunny weather earlier in the day, the last 15 minutes of the match saw extremely heavy rain. The slipperiness of the pitch meant very unpredictable play, but our girls continued to play with everything they had, leaving Cambridge extremely proud of their performance.

Allie Renie, the Cambridge centre back who scored two goals, was named the well-deserved player of the match.

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