These are the three most loved zodiac signs in astrology

Love is many things to many people: all you need, a rose you aught not pick, a kind of amnesia, many a splendid thing, promised pain, or just plan old fresh hell.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, which reminds us all that red is both the color of arterial blood and romantic affection, we’re bringing you a list of the zodiac signs that are the easiest to love and as such, never at a lack for friends, admirers, imitators, suitors and social media stalkers.

I am not suggesting that being easy to love is an innately positive trait. I think conflating ease with worth is a dangerous game and I won’t play it. I think love as an ethos, an escape and an approach to life comes most naturally to the following signs but everyone is capable of it, everyone deserves it and let us not be defined by societal pressures that suggest we are nothing without it.

In the immortal words of Libra poet Rupi Kaur “”How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” If you love you and you roll hard for Whitney Houston, may we suggest buying yourself or a loved one a lavender bouquet inspired by our dearly departed queen of R&B?

A couple blend into each other and the famous love statue in New York City

In regards to the physical body, Leo rules the heart and leads with it, making them preternaturally easy to love. Leos have a reputation for being self-obsessed but that oversimplification is a dismissive disservice. This sign is enamored not only of themselves, but of everything and everyone that wins their favor. Proverbial hype men they are always and ever looking to elevate and celebrate their nearest and dearest and TBH it’s hard to hate on the person who is always telling you how hot you look and capable you are.

Looking at you patron saint of Leos and questionable accents, Madonna ‘express yourself, don’t repress yourself’ Ciccone. Leo rules the fifth house of creativity and romance. Apropos of this, love and the act of loving is nothing short of an art form to Leo. They expect A LOT of but deliver even more; grand gestures, tasteful nudes, wild displays of adoration, earnest karaoke dedications, social media shoutouts engineered to trigger tears etc. The fifth house is also home to the indomitable sprit of the inner child and Leos give others permission to connect to that essential, and essentially joyful energy. In this way, loving a Leo makes us better at loving ourselves.

John Lennon
John Lennon, a Libra and the most beloved Beatle.
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It’s hard to hate on Libra. As the sign symbolized by the scales and balances, these folks are excellent at understanding what others need to hear, and delivering that siren song with ease. Like all air signs they rarely tire of talk and as the polite politician of the zodiac are kind enough to let others in on the conversation. When there’s conflict that doesn’t directly concern them they are objective and helpful in finding peaceful resolution. Masters of ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it’ Libra is adept at fine tuning and tenderizing harsh truths and difficult statements.

Likability is the curse and currency of Libra who is always well connected and ever willing to lend these connections to benefit the ones they love. Their social graces make them a first pick as plus ones to weddings, funerals and holiday Christmas parties. Not for nothing, most people’s top choice for beloved Beatle, Mr. John Lennon, was a Libra. At their best, Libras make life more lovely, like a sprig of thyme in your lemonade, a fresh cut flower by your bedside and truffle butter on your bread.

Represented by the centaur, Sagittarius encourages us to dream big and fearlessly shoot our proverbial shot.

To paraphrase the gospel according to “Spinal Tap,” Sagittarius energy wants to have a good time all of the time, making natives very, very lovable. Sagittarius doesn’t obey or constrain but it also rarely naysays. You can’t hold on to them for long or hold them down for the long haul but being with an archer imbues one with a feeling that anything is possible. Ruled by expansive, luck trusting, dice rolling planet Jupiter, there’s an aspirational quality to both the optimism and the swagger of the Sagittarius.

Natural storytellers and seekers of the strange, theres is an enhanced, sunny side up, it will all work out and leave you better than before world view that people clamor to be around. In terms of romantic love, Sagittarius makes it clear that you’re welcome to come along for the ride but they’ll be just fine with or without you, an irresistible ethos made clear in the life and lyrics of apex archer Miley ‘can’t be tamed, I can buy my own godd**n flowers’ Cyrus.

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