‘Too many pieces of cake’ – Rishi Sunak reveals his campaign diet

The sweet-toothed Prime Minister acknowledged his fitness had “taken a bit of a knock” during the General Election campaign.

Mr Sunak said he has been consuming “too many pieces of cake” and chocolate bars since calling the July 4 contest.

Rishi Sunak said he was eating too much cake on the campaign trail (Aaron Chown/PA)

The Prime Minister, who is known to enjoy using his Peloton exercise bike and practises intermittent fasting, told reporters: “My normal fitness has taken a bit of knock but I am walking a lot, if nothing else, but eating far too much chocolate on the road.

“Because we are getting out and about talking to lots of people, that is keeping me fit, just running around the country trying to talk to as many people as possible.”

Asked if he was missing his Peloton, Mr Sunak added: “I am busy talking to as many people as possible, it is my priority at the moment, and getting the steps in that way, and sadly, eating too many pieces of cakes and Twixes along the way.”

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Mr Sunak’s dietary habits have often veered towards the unhealthy.

He has previously revealed a taste for Coca-Cola, describing himself as a “total Coke addict” in an interview with two schoolchildren in 2019, and that it had left him with seven fillings.

On an official trip to the US last year he also stocked up with his favourite brand of muffin.

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