Tourist spills coffee and now at odds with ‘dangerous’ Crocodiles of the World

It attracts thousands of people year on year and is considered to be one of Oxfordshire’s most unique attractions.

Crocodiles of the World has always welcomed positive feedback ever since it opened back in 2011 when founder Shaun Foggett quit his job, sold his house and dedicated his life to the zoo.

That said, there’s always one.

A tourist has now deemed the zoo ‘actively dangerous’ on Tripadvisor because of – no, not the crocs – but a loose canopy.

The angry tourist posted on Tripadvisor: “This place is actively dangerous. While sitting outside eating lunch, the canopy over the table collapsed on me, hitting my head, ruining my food and tipping scolding coffee all over me.

“On investigation, the table canopies are not secured, but just placed in bases. Be very careful. I still have a headache from the blow I took to the head”.

Although freak accidents and malfunctions are to be expected, we feel that this is the most tame freak accident that could occur at an exhibit that houses crocodiles. After all, a falling canopy won’t chew your arm off, will it?

Newsquest reached out to Crocodiles of the World for comment.

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“A great day out – would highly recommend it”

Other reviews for the attraction have been largely glowing.

One visitor earlier this month said: “We booked a junior croc keeper experience for our 10-year-old Grandson. It far outweighed our expectations. Callum who led the experience was excellent. The delivery of his wealth of knowledge was well-paced and appropriate for the audience.

“There were three junior croc keepers on our visit. Callum was sensitive and careful to ensure all the boys had an opportunity to have questions heard and encouraged participation by all – brilliant. They got to handle 3 year old alligator and also a crocodile. Safety was a priority for animals and children and was very well managed. Callum showed real respect for the animals.

“We felt the animals all appeared well cared for and their environments were very clean and well kept. In all, we spent four and a half hours at Crocodiles of the World but with the experience, we could have been there the whole day.

“A great day out – would highly recommend it.”

“Our achievements over the last 10 years have far exceeded all my expectations”

Shaun told us back in 2021: “Our achievements over the last 10 years have far exceeded all my expectations.

“I had a vision that I wanted to help facilitate crocodile conservation and educate the public about these incredible animals.

“In the first year at Crawley Mill, we had 7,000 visitors. In 2019, we had over 90,000 visitors.

“Over the last 10 years we’ve had around half a million visitors, including school visits, and so if we’ve sparked an interest into crocodiles, perhaps inspired croc keepers or conservationists of the future, then that’s just incredible.”

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