“Who the Hell Would Pay $100 Million”: NBA World Left Baffled at ‘Ridiculous’ Michael Jordan News

It has been two decades since Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan left the court, but his incredible career is still discussed with respect and admiration. Jordan’s entry into the league effectively revolutionized the game and helped gain millions of Bulls fans. Throughout his career, MJ reached major milestones and broke several records on his way to greatness. This is why fans consider him one of the greatest basketball players in the league’s history. Despite his outstanding legacy, a recent report on the 6x NBA champion still managed to surprise fans due to the jaw-dropping price estimation.

The Chicago Bulls were not really a fan favorite until they drafted Michael Jordan in 1984. This turned out to be one of the best decisions the franchise had ever made. Jordan led his team to their first-ever championship and from then on, there was no stopping them from building an incredible Bulls dynasty.

Michael Jordan’s ‘championship’ shoes will soon have a new owner


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During Michael Jordan’s 12-year stint with the Chicago Bulls, he graciously lifted the championship trophy six times alongside his teammates. It has been 25 years since Jordan and the Bulls won their sixth ring, and the shoes that MJ had worn during the NBA Finals are finally set to be sold off in a private event. MJ’s six individual Jordan sneakers will be available for interested buyers who wish to add them to their collection.

The collection, which will remain on display in Dubai from February 27-March 3, includes Air Jordan VI, Air Jordan VII, Air Jordan VIII, Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan XII, and Air Jordan XIV. As of now, it has been confirmed that the event will be held by the premiere auctioning website ‘Sotheby’.


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Given that the entire collection signifies a historic run, the value will probably reach at least $20 million-$100 million.

NBA Twitter’s reaction to the estimated price

While $100 million for the iconic shoes might seem reasonable to collectors, it prompted several mixed reactions from NBA fans. While some felt that the price perfectly justified the value of the shoes, others found it rather unreasonable. A fan compared the Jordan shoes to a homerun baseball and wrote, “Who the hell would pay $100 million for Jordan’s old sneakers?? If landmark home run baseballs are worth maybe $1 million, why would Jordan’s shoes be worthy of so much more money?”

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Whereas, another user pointed out the rarity of the collection through his comment that read, “Cause it’s an entire set of incredibly rare sneakers, autographed, custom inscriptions, and the greatest of all time.” Below are a few more of the tweets.


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What do you think about the ‘Dynasty Collection’? Do you think the price is justified for the Jordan shoes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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