WR Jefferson: Health priority, not fantasy teams

Justin Jefferson said Tuesday he will return when he’s fully healthy, and fantasy football managers flooding his direct messages with pleas for him to play won’t speed up the process.

The Minnesota Vikings‘ star wide receiver took to social media on Tuesday to make that point clear.

“My health is wayyyy more important than you winning your fantasy games,” he wrote on X. “It doesn’t matter how many times y’all flood my dms talking about me selling your team. I DONT CARE.”

Jefferson has been sidelined on injured reserve since suffering a right hamstring injury in Week 5. Both he and Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell have said would not return until he is 100%.

O’Connell said Monday that the Vikings will continue to ramp up Jefferson’s recovery this week, but the team might keep him sidelined for this Monday night’s game against the Chicago Bears to capitalize on the bye week that follows.

The Vikings opened his 21-day practice window Nov. 8, as soon as he was eligible, but the timing of their bye could wind up giving him a total of eight weeks off if he does not return until their Dec. 10 game at the Las Vegas Raiders.

“We’re right at that six-week mark or so. He’s really attacked his rehab, and I think when that time comes, we’ll feel comfortable with Justin being out there. I know Justin will as well. It’s one of those things that knowing you have the bye, and knowing there are five critical [games] to come after that bye, we do have to be smart,” O’Connell said Monday.

“This is a player that means a ton to our organization, both for this home stretch to try to solidify our positioning in the playoffs and still try to compete in the division as much as we possibly can, but Justin means a lot more than just these five or six games, as critical as they are. His long-term career here is the priority.”

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert contributed to this report.

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